Guide To Choosing A Barbecue Grill

The grill for preparing barbecue is one that, unlike conventional, has a cover which allows confined air circulation, it is similar to baked but with this one, all the food still tastes a hint of smoke (provided that in the case of a model that uses coal as fuel).

There are various types of models in the market differing in shape, size, and the amount of energy they generate.

To give you an idea, a 60 centimeters grill in diameter supports a capacity of 4-5 kilograms of approximate meat.

Several Elements to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Grill:

  • Price
  • Energy: Gas/Charcoal/Electricity
  • Required Space
  • Cooking Surface
  • Functionality

Initially, the most important elements to consider is the price of energy and the criteria of the space available and the cooking surface, but without forgetting to assess functionality. These features allow us to evaluate the models that may be equivalent, differentiating these four criteria.

Choosing Grill Based on Energy

BBQ Charcoal Grill: they are the most conventional and allow to cook an amazing smoky flavor. It burns the coal and generates the energy; it is less clean than other models but the taste you get is unmatched. Some models have a cleaning system which removes the ashes very quickly.

Weber Genesis Series Grill - A typical gas grill.
Weber Genesis Series Grill – A typical gas grill.

BBQ Gas Grill: they are the famous barbecue grills we see in the high amount of American households. They are easy to use and gives us comfort that is simply turning a knob and cooking starts. This type of grill is also cleaner as they will not spread ashes everywhere and can roast quickly with accurate temperature control. To produce the heat and sear, or produce crispy pizzas, gas that does not produce the ash is used. You can also look at the list of best gas grills available in the market currently on

Electric Barbecue Grill: These work through a system of electrical resistors, transforming electricity into heat. They give off an even heat and generate no combustion. They are simple to use, require no preparation or previous knowledge for use, either gifted cook. Another advantage is that they do not release smoke or generate dirt, and can also begin cooking with just a click of a button.

These grills are compact and can move quickly. They are very healthy because they do not require high usage of oil so that less fat is consumed. They can be used both inside and outside so that we can enjoy a delicious roast although there is a storm outside.

Choosing a Grill based on Space & Cooking Surface

LANDMANN Black Taurus 440 - A good example of Barbecue with a Trolley!
LANDMANN Black Taurus 440 – A good example of Barbecue with a Trolley!

If you don’t have ample space for your grill, you can opt for a mini-barbecue, which can be placed in a corner of the table and that will be very simple to prepare.

If you have a little more space and want to cook for several guests, you can choose a barbecue mounted on a trolley with folding side shelves, making the development process easier.

Finally, if you have enough space and want to have an outdoor kitchen, you can opt for a modular model consisting of several modules: barbecue, sink, closet, etc. which will perfectly suit your terrace.

Choosing a Grill Based on Functionality

Charcoal: Some models have various heights to color the grid, to adjust the heat of cooking or keep food warm once cooked before being served.

Gas: A stove can be very useful to reheat sauces, accompaniments, and garnishes without going into the kitchen. Also control the heat to maintain the temperature of foods, once cooked before serving. Side shelves allow placing utensils, spices, and bottles close at hand.

Electricity: 2 in 1 function with removable feet, let you take advantage barbecue for both indoor and outdoor use.

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